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02 August 2013 @ 12:50 am
My Fic Challenge for 2013 #71~ From Saigon to Brooklyn; The Ways of The Force Are Strange  

    today has been a big day in the story of Marriage Equality, as both Rhode Island and Minnesota started marrying same sex couples. This is a tongue in cheek tribute for two people and their kids who have been fighting the good fight since the night that Prop 8 passed. This is dedicated to them,


    and to all those waiting to be able to enjoy what they have.

    Being in a very tiny minority who actually like a certain Star Wars character, I had to include a character who is pretty much as disliked in the Buffyverse. I hope you like it guys. Go visit them here http://www.gay-family-values.com/ and pass on the love.

  From Saigon to Brooklyn, the Ways of The Force are Strange

   One looked about sixty, the other was older, but looked younger.
   Both had been Navy officers in Viet-Nam, and stayed together afterwards.
   They'd moved to Connecticutt; one the Police, the other the Coastguard.
   They'd faced dangers they could barely talk about; earned all kinds of medals.
   But walking into the Slayer office in Brooklyn?
   Telling their loudly protesting daughter she couldn't be a Jedi?
   Nothing was as terrifying as that.
   A Slayer who wanted to be a Jedi Knight?
   Two fathers in Navy dress uniforms?
   Andrew could hardly believe his luck.
   Especially when she turned out to like Jar-Jar Binks.

   Goddess be with you all,
   'tis ok to be Takei

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